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art & site specific public art

Marino and Heidel Studio
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The sculpture “Accessing Knowledge”, the
accessibility of knowledge made possible through
utilize the bike shelter, the artistic steel panels are
positioned to maintain clear site lines, and
address visibility and safety concerns. The
imagery and Marquee’s are both way-finding
mechanisms and relate to library themes.  
Designed to complement both the contemporary
architecture of the main library structure and the
industrial look of the bike shelter itself, the
architectural art screens and signage tout bolts
and a minimalistic approach.

Also incorporated are ideas of musical
notes/fonts, captured in rhythmic shapes
identifiable as people. The strikingly different
colors employed are an acknowledgement to the
diversity that comprise a community. By choosing
color combinations that create tension, we are
reminded that our individual differences act as
counterparts to each other, ultimately resulting in
a richer and more complete society. The
brightness of the colors suggests the illumination
of thought. Other imagery represents the
accessibility of knowledge. Here we see books
literally floating on our fingertips. While the
abstract movement of two hands rising can be
perceived as an action of desire and attaining
intellectual growth, within the movement of the
hands, a key hole/porthole to the journey of
knowledge becomes visible.

While comprised of two flat screens and two
signs, the artistic intent was to create a three-
dimensional sculpture. The concept is that the
installed art work elevates the structure and the
shelter itself becomes the sculpture.  Because of
the open nature of the art works’ design it
interacts with the landscape and is a window to
the interspersed movements of children at play
and people coming and going to the library