Hillsboro Cultural
Magazine 2014
article pages 16-17
Photographer - Rick Paulson
Bird Child Travels Through History  

2014 - Angelina Marino-Heidel
Interior mural on panel 4’ x 21’;
Commissioning Agent; Shute Library;
Site: Hillsboro, OR; Design Committee
Reviews; Site Specific
Marino Heidel Studios'
Joel Heidel with author
Alan Weider and artist
Joanie Krug at the
Glicee of Final Schematic    Image Transfer           Installation  
Narrative - The mural hangs in the children’s section and
is the focal point of the entire library. It responds to the
multi-cultural population of the neighborhood and
architectural themes.

The imagery is based on Latin and Native American
dance, worldwide cave paintings and petroglyph. The
abstract pine needles featured in the library's etched
windows are echoed in the design.
The bird dancer journeys through time and space, mingling with
ancient art ground around the world, including a coyote image
found in Tennessee that was recognized as one of the oldest in
the USA and is used here to represent the Native American
folklore character :Coyote. Others include "She Who Watches'
found in Washington State along the Columbia River and a horse
from the cave paintings in France. Others from around the world
include images for the solar system, UFO and dinosaurs.
The" Man of the
Hour"Mike Smith
for whom the work
was commissioned
by the Friends of the
Library and "Angel"
Donna Selle