The Blessing of El Pescadero  
Angelina Marino-Heidel
Mural on Panel

Pescadero is a place in
Baja Sur.

Here, the mural speaks of
our journey in Mexico.

To the lower left corner,
is the fisherman as Saint.
He is a worker, finding
pearls, a note to
Steinbeck's "Pearl Diver".
The other Saints
represented are Saint
Jude and the Virgin of

A celebration takes place
in the upper left, with day
to day chores taking
place in miniature to the
right and above a field of

The form of a lizard
sweeps through the
center of the mural
composed to suggest the
Huitchol art of beading
with wax.

Freida Kahlo makes her
appearance in the upper
right, next to the pattern
of a traditional blanket.

The boat of the fisherman
is full of bounty and lined
with a tile pattern called

A fisherman casts his net
which creates the shape
of the world, beneath the
mango tree.