Description: Top Image – Final
Schematic; Bottom - Mural Installed
Ethnounis Portal Mural: An adventure
to a techno connected universe where
people embrace all cultures. The
imagery is based on the repetitive use
of a mandala imagined to signify the
unison of cultures and the concepts
that we are interconnected through
music and color.

The working title “Ethnounis” is a
combination of the word Ethno- a
combining form meaning “race,
“people” or “culture” and “Unis”
meaning unison. Ethno-unis.
Ethnounis Porthole
2017; Mural on Panels; 8’ x 28’; Mural on Panels; 8; x 28’,
interior;  Alaska 1% for Art, Romig Middle School; design
committee reviews; site specific