Oregon Jewish Museum - 1953 NW Kearny St., Portland, OR
Until February 28, 2016

Oregon Jewish Museum - Florence Saltzman

Dear Friends and Art Lovers - You are invited to view the works of artist Florence Saltzman, whose last showing was a
retrospective at the Portland Art Museum in 1972.  This will be the first time that her exceptional works will be shown in
over three decades. Florence was Joel and Adam Heidel's mother. They are pleased to share this occasion with you
and hope to that you will be able to see the show.

This is the first showing of Florence Saltzman's prints and paintings since a retrospective at the Portland Art Museum in
1972. She received her degree at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and lived in Portland after her marriage to
Fredrick Heidel in 1953 moving here from Long Beach, CA.

Her exceptional work includes NW themes and dramatic woodcuts of both wounded and healthy WWII sailors returning
home to Long Beach, CA. The Pike was an amusement zone in Long Beach, California. The setting of this work mixes
the harsh price paid by soldiers under the back ground of the pike. The Pike was founded in 1902 along the shoreline
south of Ocean Boulevard with several independent arcades, food stands, gift shops, a variety of rides and a grand
bath house. It was most noted for the Cyclone Racer (1930–1968), a large wooden dual-track roller coaster, built out
on pilings over the water.
The Pike operated under several names. The amusement zone surrounding the Pike, "Silver Spray Pier", was included
along in the post-World War II expansion.
Saltzman's works are held in private and public collections in London, Paris, California, Washington and Oregon.
Museum collections include but are not limited to the Portland Art Museum, Long Beach Museum of Art, Coos Bay Art