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Kelly-Clinton Grade School Mural
Theme: What is Play?

A mural with sixty kids from K1 through 5th?
Yes! What a project!

My objective was to take the students through the steps
that a muralist does to create professional work.

The project started with a one week course in mural
development, research and sketching.

At the end of the course, a rendering from each child
was selected.

I drafted a  schematic, delineating a special place
for each child's artwork. We then drew the basic
background spaces on the wall for each expression.

The classes primed the wall, sketched in their images
using their selected drawings and then painted them.  
We completed the areas that were to high for the
students to reach by choosing additional work from
the pool of their images and created more continuity
by painting bold, swirling connecting lines throughout
the mural.

Special thanks and acknowledgement to Cher, Sam and
Christine of Impact NW Sun Program for under-served
youths and Peggy Sullivan from the Roseway
Neighborhood Association.