Joel Heidel


Direct Metal
Salvaged Materials
56” H x 19” W x 10” D
Short Bio:
My early works were comprised from
scrap metal found in and along the
riverbanks of the Pacific Northwest. At
that time I worked as chief engineer in the
tug boat industry. My studio was the top
deck of a barge and I was able to create
surrounded by water and nature. Now my
works are created on land, in my studio.
Some of my current works draw from my
time near the water and are still inspired
by the serendipitous shapes of
found/reclaimed metal items.  Other
sculptures are envisioned, and fabricated
by cold-forging.  All are welded direct
metal sculpture.  I realize my works by
representing meaning through a
combination of lyrical abstraction and
semi-representational forms.  By this
method it is possible to present my ideas
while giving space to the viewer to
engage with the work on an emotional,
sensory and thought provoking level.