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1. Two Haikus
Poem by
Carla Perry
Painting by Gina Wilson

2. Dream Act
Poem by A. David Sharf,
Elaine Nussbaum,
Digital art by
Angelina Marino-Heidel *

3. Sleepwalker
Poem by
Marjorie Power
Textile Art and Graphics by Allan Oliver

4. Guardians Not Thugs
Poem by
Alan Wieder
Circumscription, Painting by Joanie Krug *

5. A Remarkably Vigorous Rose
Poem by
Judith Barrington
Digital Art and Graphics by Marcia Barrentine

6.Notes From A Lookout’s Log
Poem by
Tim Barnes
Mountain With Clear Cut,
Gouache by
Lucinda Parker

7. Sweethearts Of The World Unite
Poem by Stephen Sander
Digital Art by Angelina Marino-Heidel
8. The Standing Laurel
Poem by
Deborah Buchanan
Painting by Charles Erickson *
9. Pentecostal
Poem by
Primus St. John; Looking For A
Drumbeat,  Painting by
Chris Haberman
10. Industrial Workers Of The World
Poem by Stephen Sander
Working The Land,
Painting by Angelina Marino-Heidel*

11. Growl Revisited
Poem by
Leanne Grabel
Cutouts and Graphics by Virginia Flynn

12. I Have Never Wanted To March
Poem by
Tess Gallagher
Linoleum Cut by Valerie McKee *

13. Change Is Imminent
Poem by Joel Heidel and Angelina Marino-Heidel
Los Cruxes, Painting by
Joel Heidel *

14. No To The 1%
Poem by Alan Wieder and
Joanie Krug
Four Horseman Of The Apocalypse,
Painting by Charles Erickson *

15. Census Report
Poem by Tim Barnes
The Stand,
Photography by
Ilka Kuznik *

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