Contortionist - Marino and Heidel Collaboration
Stilit Walker and Balance - Marino and Heidel Collaboration
Cirque Series
Marino and Heidel
Direct Metal Sculpture
Marino and Heidel’s observations of the Chinese circus. An
incredible collaborative effort from conception to completion, the
direct metal sculptures of Marino and Heidel are formed from sheet
metal to create three-dimensional works, finished with paint and
patina. By combining a series of angles, possible with utilizing thin
gauged metal, and the varied yet subtlety colored surfaces, elements
of the work appear suspended. The use of this type of sheet metal
construction holds other attributes as well. Working under the stars
on Sauvie’s Island in 1999, they were struck by the serendipitous
effect the full moon had on their sculpture. The physicality of the
sculpture, though striking and solidly engaging, had an evocative
counterpart; the incredible lucidity of a cast shadow. “Cirque” will be
accompanied by Marino and Heidel’s individual works that
contributed to this collaborative series.