Estacada Bike Rack
Fish Ladder – 2015

Powder coated steel, direct metal,
vitreous enamels; Dimensions; 53” x
28” x 3”
Partners: Estacada Design Committee,
Clackamas Arts Alliance
A sculptural bike rack depicting river
fish, water and a fish ladder.
Estacada's damn has the longest fish
ladder in the USA. This work was
commissioned for a location within the
“Old Town”. Colors choices compliment
the buildings and ambiance of historic
downtown Estacada.

Marino Heidel Studios postmodern industrial
deco style acknowledges the town of Estacada’
s implicit connection to the Clackamas River
and its hydro-electric history. Founded in 1905
as a workers camp built to facilitate the
construction of the Cazadero Dam that would
provide electricity, Estacada is also a gateway
to the natural wonders of the PNW. The
Clackamas River provides habitat for many
species of fish including wild Coho, Steelhead,
Chinook, Cutthroat Trout, Rainbow Trout, Bull
Trout, Native Mountain Whitefish and Native
Lamprey. The sculpture equally addresses the
community’s commitment to sustainable
lifestyles locally and as part of the world
The work "Fish Ladder” depicts indigenous
fish utilizing a fish ladder with shadow-like fish
shapes employed as lapping-water imagery.
Artistic direction incorporates abstract lyrical
movements with figurative references. The
color concept was chosen to connect with
earth tones prevalently found in the historic
old town area of Estacada. Industrial deco
elements include the transparency of
fabrication (exposed nuts and bolts) which
connects to the hydro-electric/industrial history
of Estacada.