Shipyard workers, including Rosie the
Riveters and Wendy the Welder, historically
resided in Roseway.  

Rosie the Riveter Song
Real Women Workers of WWII
Oregon Historical Society
NW Womens History Project

Above: The color schematic for the mural.

The mural is bound together by a string of laundry featuring textile patterns that represent the cultures of this
diverse community.

Other elements acknowledge  neighborhood stories and references to lifestyles, business and Portland culture.
In the center at the top a produce cart depicts the delivery of from rural areas to Portland via Sandy Blvd and
delivered to small produce shops.

George can he found in the bottom left third of the mural. He was referred to as the "Golden Grocer'.  He was an
active citizen, helping establish Roseway's commerce.  Although he owned his own small produce store, he was
right there at the front of the line, encouraging one of the original Fred Meyer stores to open up the street.  He saw
it as being good for the community.

Another thread of the work pulls together different modes of transportation throughout the history of the
neighborhood. The cars are representative of the Jr. Rose Parade held on the boulevard and the trucks haul the
roses donated from neighborhood yards to decorate the floats in the major Rose Parade held downtown.